Past Events

The Other Dimension

This was the title of the first event, held on Tuesday 21 March 2006, at the ARTos Foundation, one of the most avant garde venues of Nicosia

The objective of the event was to touch the spiritual world of man and woman, the “Other Dimension” of our existence, by exploring three of its aspects, “Presentiments”, “The Devine” and “Visions”.

Participating Poets and Artists:

  • Economou Ariana
  • Elia Margarita
  • Galanou Alexandra
  • Georgallides Andreas
  • Hadjigeorgiou Takis
  • Kentonis Achilleas
  • Korkmazci Gurgenc
  • Kouzalis Pambos
  • Loizides Vakis
  • Marangou Niki
  • Mene Ashik
  • Michaelidou Lily
  • Moleskis Yiorgos
  • Papacharalambous Maria
  • Papadopoulos Michalis
  • Patapiou Nasa
  • Peonidou Elli
  • Plant Mary
  • Sakalli Beste
  • Selsuk Jenan
  • Yasin Nese
  • Stavrakis Sotos
  • Stephanos Stephanides
  • Theocharous Eleni
  • Wiestall Horst