Past Events

Poetry in Dialogue
13,14,15 June 2014
Pediaeos Garden (Nicosia), Leventis Botanical Garden (Amiantos), Fytorio (Nicosia)


There is a mystic connection between a place, the past and our ancestors, when one seeks to analyse the primordial relationship between poetry, music and art.

During the 20th century, as well as during the first decade of this century, poetry was not only embraced in different and unexpected ways by the other arts, but was primarily released from the printed page drastically, to go back to the ' voice of the subject ': poet, reader, musician, artist or performer.

With this project Ideogramma presented poetry, not only as an art that is enjoyed through the silent reading when one is alone, but also as an art in direct dialogue with music, dance and the visual arts, where each of us can simultaneously be the poet, the musician, the artist and the spectator, that is to say, an interactive relationship of poetry - art as performance with the audience / spectator.

The project consisted of three consecutive events taking place in three different gardens during the first full moon of June 2014 (Friday 13 June 2014).

Poetry in dialogue with Music and Art
with the sounds and smells of the Mountain and the City

It combined creative dialogues between the various art forms, highlighting the sound of each language and the culture and history that each poet brought with him / her, and at the same time bringing to the Cyprus audience the richness of each country, showing both the similarities and differences that make us part of this world.

Our guest poets from abroad shared with the Cypriot poets / writers as well as the public of Cyprus the contemporary literary trends of their respective countries in order to reach higher levels of understand and acceptance of diversity through a constructive literary dialogue.

Ideogramma actively encourages the promotion of all languages and dialects and invites participating writers and poets to recite / read in their language.

Readings, while in a foreign language (to some of the audience), were delivered in such a way that they (poems) were understood / felt, just like one listens, understands, feels music / dance / the visual arts.

The audience attended Free of Charge and was open to all, not just poetry / literature lovers.

Each leg of the event hosted poets from abroad and Cyprus = creating dialogues, as well as with other art forms = creating more dialogues. At the end of each evening’s performance a Reception / Cocktail provided the opportunity to the audience and participating poets and other artists to intermingle = creating even more dialogues.


Tom Bresemann – Germany. He was born 1978 in Berlin (GDR) and since 2007 he has published two volumes of poetry and some prose. Critics wrote: "His poems are Guerilla-Poetry, poetical Street-Art. An ugly spot that turns out to be a mirror."  He is a co-founder of Lettrétage in Berlin (literary venue), translator (of John Ashbery, Tanya Farg amongst others) and an on- and offline-editor (Anthologies, poetrymails etc.).

Efi Savvides (visual artist) – Cyprus.  She studied at Middlesex University, London. Since 1989, she has had solo exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad. Her current project deals with our present dynamic and highly technological world of rapidly altering social and personal values. Here, Efi Savvides seeks to explore the intricate state of being where the act of returning to the past often offers comfort and a sense of security to an alienated and fragmented identity.

Tom Bresemann & Efi Savvides (performance) Lampedusa, an occasion for collaborative commentary, establishing shot in memoriam. With great study and infinite care Efi Savvides collects all the data on the map to bring forth her very own classification and exorcism. She creates rosettes of a radial arrangement, a cyclical simulation of “The Earth of Men”,  in miniature. Thus she gathers together her pictorial Stars, where scripts become whispers and consolatory  murmurings.  Each star a cryptic mandala, namely that  Eastern spiritual symbol whose topography. quite literally “forgives” all communal creatures as colors and shapes.

After all, Tom Bresemann's ironic, almost sarcastic comment wants evil to be exorcised with nothing more than an applause, with the noise of the collective, thus successfully carrying through the takeover of the city park!! In other words, that spacious space of delight, a garden for all... And this is certainly a proposal for a certain spiritual state, an “open” course in ethics and Europe's downfall, an expanded consciousness that finally enables us to understand that our life is to be shared with others, that the fundamental rights of the human condition are to be constantly championed and defended. Thalia Stephanidou, May 2014.

Nafia Akteniz – Cyprus - She studied English Literature and Humanities. After graduating from the English Language Teaching M.A. program, she completed a second M.A. degree in English Literature and Humanities. Her poems have been published in newspapers and literary magazines in North Cyprus. She published her first collection of poetry ‘YOK’ in 2014. She has been working as a senior instructor at Eastern Mediterranean University since 2000. She is a member of Cyprus Turkish Artists and Writers Association.

Christiana Avraamidou – Cyprus She was born in 1978. She has published 5 poetry collections, Wrecks and Ropes, A Reason for loving the night, Days all in Snow, Time under Water and I have loved you once more with Planodion, Epsilon and Oropedio publications in Greece. Her poetry is published in German, Italian and English and she represented Cyprus in cultural events in Germany and Napoli. She won poetry competitions in Greece 2010 and 2011 and one poem of hers was performed by a famous Greek singer in 2008.

Nearchos L.Clerides – Cyprus.  He was born in Nicosia Cyprus. He studied Architecture in London and has also attended a course on Sculpture and Painting. Since 1978 he lives and works as an Architect in Nicosia. He also paints, sculpts and writes poetry. He presented two solo painting exhibitions at Gloria Gallery in Nicosia and has had poems published in Cypriot poetry magazines.

Koraly Dimitriadis – Australia / Cyprus. She was born in Australia to Cypriot migrants. She is a writer, poet and performer. Koraly received government funding to visit Cyprus to translate some of her poetry into Greek and perform it. Koraly writes about what it is like being raised in a migrant culture. Her recent show “Good Greek Girl” incorporated music, film, dance and poetry. Koraly has created four films of her poems and is working on two novels.  

Nena Filousi – Cyprus. She was born in Limassol in 1969. Two collections of poetry, Mnimoroi (versions Iolkos 2002) and Ypoloipo logariasmou (Vivliekdotiki 2008) and the collection of short stories  You should ask whom I love  (Parakentro 2010) have been published.

George Frangos – Cyprus, He was born in Limassol, Cyprus, in 1962. He studied journalism at the University of Peoples' Friendship in Moscow and he attended postgraduate courses at the seat of literature in the same university. From 1990 until now, he is working in Nicosia as a daily press journalist.  He is a member of the Board of the Cyprus Writers Union and he was a member of the Advisory Committee on State Prizes for Literature in Cyprus. From 1978 until now he has published five (5) poetry collections. Apart from poetry, he is also a critic of various literature books. Many of his poems have been translated into various languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian and Russian.

Alexandra Galanou – Cyprus. She was born in Larnaca, Cyprus, 1949. She studied Sociology (B.A) and Social Psychology (M.A.) in New York. She works in the business sector. She has published the following books of poetry: Anamesa sto Zapheiri kai to Geino [Between the Colors of Sapphire and Earth], 1996; Sygkatoikoi tou Orizonta [Co-habiting the Horizon], 2000 (awarded the Costas Montis Poetry Prize in 2003); Stis gonies ton lexeon (translated into French “ Dansles recoins des  mots “ Editions Circe, 2013). She collaborates with various literary reviews in Cyprus and Greece and her poems  have been translated into various languages.

Christina Georgiou (visual and performance artist) – Cyprus. She is a Cyprus-born visual and performance artist. She has exhibited and performed at international biennials, exhibitions, galleries, museums and festivals in Cyprus and abroad. She has received a “Special Prize” for her performance “Eternal Return”, at the 6th ‘Arte Laguna’ Art Prize at the Venice Arsenal in 2012. She is the founder, director and curator of the Cyprus International Performance Art Festival (CIPAF) and the founder and director of the Cyprus International Performance Art Society (CIPAS).

Alexandra Galanou & Christina Georgiou Performance concept. They collaborate for the realisation of a live performance. Excerpts from a number of poems were selected by the artist, in order to form a new poem during the live action, where logos (the spoken word) and praxis (action), lexis (word) and image coexist and/or reveal one another.

Angela Kaimakliotou – Cyprus. She was born in Famagusta but she now lives in Larnaca. She is a teacher and a holder of a Master’s degree in Leadership and Politics in Education. She is a headmistress in public primary schools. Her literary works are, three poetry collections: Unlocking the Alphabet, 2011, Halcyon moments, 2012, From a Close Distance, 2014, and a collection of short stories, Souls Walk Alone, 2011.

Christodoulos Kallinos – Cyprus. He is an art theorist and a poet. After graduating from the University of Birmingham where he read literature and philosophy he returned to Cyprus developing a consistent public intellectual trajectory. He has also published scholarly work on  contemporary art, theory and literature in Cyprus and abroad in art magazines and journals like Mandragoras, Katafygio, Gogito, Anagnosis, Cyprus Today, In focus, Piin, Βibliotheque, Frear, Anef.  He also has given numerous public talks in his fields of expertise. 

Chloe Koustoumbelli – Greece. She was born in Thessaloniki in 1962. She studied law. She has published seven collections of poems, a novel, a play and two e-books combining poems with photographs. Her last collection has been published just recently by Gavrielidis Publishers and it is called CLINICALLY ABSENT. Her poems and short stories have appeared in various literary magazines and been translated in many languages. Her poetry is characterised by the search of feminine identity through time.

Eufrosyne Manta-Lazarou – Cyprus. She was born in Cyprus. She studied Greek Literature at the Department of Philosophy at Athens University, and upon completion of her studies, she commenced her teaching career in secondary education in Cyprus.  From 1995 until 2003, she worked in the special area of Education Training Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture as the coordinator of special programs for secondary education, as well as for the development of educational material and curriculum.  From 2003 until 2011, she worked at the Phaneromeni Schools in old Nicosia, as coordinator for the programs of Educational Priority Zone. In 2013, she was awarded with the National Prize for Poetry of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture for her literary work Noah in the city, Planodion, 2012. Poetry: Weaver Days, Naked Nights, (2002), …to Love or Death we shall go… (2005), The Inner Dress (published by Aphi 201), Noah in the City (published by Planodion, 2011).

Ruth Lillegraven – Norway. She (b. 1978) comes from Granvin, a small community in the west of Norway, and now lives just outside Oslo, the Norwegian capital. Lillegraven made her debut with the collection of poems Store stygge dikt (Big bad poems) in 2005, since when she has published the novel Mellom oss (Between us) and the poem collection Urd (Urd), for which she was awarded the prestigious Brage Prize. In addition, she has published four books for small children. Her third collection of poems, Manilahallen (The Manila Hall), a biography in poetic form, will be appearing this autumn.

Vakis Loizides – Cyprus. He was born in Nicosia in 1965. He Studied Economics and Tourism in Athens and the U.K. He published 8 collections of poetry: Poetry and Collage1995 Μechanically handmade 1999, Moving monuments 2002, In rush hour 2005, Twig breaking 2007, The elementary 2009, Τhe angel and the sculptor 2011 and  Göteborg 2014  He is the editor of the Anthology of young Cypriot poets Cyprus after ’90 He also publishes essays for art and poetry in art and literature magazines in Greece and Cyprus. His poems have been translated in many European languages. His art works have been presented in three solo exhibitions in Nicosia. He is a member of the Hellenic Authors Society.

Lily Michaelides – Cyprus. She lives and works in Nicosia. She has published four collections of poetry ‘The time’s Alchemy’, ‘Shapes and Roads in Relief…’, ‘Remembrance of a Dawn’, ‘Innuendos’ (Ypenigmoi) and the   prose ‘The city needs no introductions’ . The bi lingual poetry collection  ‘Arena’ (Melani, 2014) is currently being published. Her poems and texts have been published in newspapers, anthologies and literary magazines in Cyprus and abroad and have been translated into many languages. She is on the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Centre of the International PEN.

Demetra Englezou (motion design) – Cyprus. She holds a Master’s degree in Computer Animation from the National Center of Computer Animation at Bournemouth University 2001 and a B.A in Graphic Design from the University of the West of England Bristol in 2000. She has worked in Broadcasting and Satellite Companies since 2004. She has created a large number of animated short films and Motion Graphics and participated in International film festivals, exhibitions and art projects including the International Panorama of Independent Film and Video Makers (Patras), International Short Film Festival in Drama 2008, 2nd Moving Frames International Festival 2010, 2nd X-dream Art Festival 2010 and the 6th Animafest – Athens International Animated Film Festival 2011. As a 3d Animator she has produced 3d television ads for major companies including Vodafone, Cyta, Honda, Hellenic Bank, Bank of Cyprus, Porsche, B.M.W etc. Demetra Englezou has received the first Pancyprian Award for the Logo design competition for the Office of the Cyprus Telecommunication Controller Officer OCECPR 2004. She is an instructor at the Department of Arts at the European University Cyprus. Her research interests are based on the Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design as well as 3d Computer Animation.

Lily Michaelidou & Demetra Englezou Unexpectedly.  For the last two years Cyprus has been at the epicentre of a cruel, economic, political and social crisis. The people experience the effects of the crisis in their everyday life. But, as the poet says, the crisis cannot conquer the air, the sea, the sun, even more, the expansive light of our country and we are working towards better days without losing our hope and our humor...

Giorgos Moleskis – Cyprus. He was born in 1946 in the village of Lyssi, Cyprus. He studied at the Nicosia English Collage and at the Lomonosov University in Moscow, from where he got a Ph.D. degree in philology. He worked as a Cultural Officer at the Larnaka Municipality and at the Cultural Services Department of the Ministry of Education and Culture and he was the Executive Adviser of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra. He published, from 1967, twelve books of poetry, two volumes of collected poems and five books with translations of poetry from Russian and English.

Amir Or – Israel. He has published 11 poetry books in Israel and 15 in Europe and America. His poems have been translated into more than 40 languages. He was awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize, Fulbright Award for Writers, Bernstein Prize, the Oeneumi Poetry Prize, and the Wine Poetry prize of the Struga Poetry Festival, as well as fellowships of the Universities of Iowa  and Oxford and the Heinrich Boll Foundation among others. His translations into Hebrew, include The Gospel of Thomas and Anthology of Erotic Greek Poetry. For his translations he received the Minister of Culture Prize. Or studied philosophy and comparative religion at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and lectured there on Ancient Greek Religion. He has taught creative writing in Israel, Europe and the US. In 1990 he founded Helicon Poetry Society. Or has been Editor-in-Chief of Helicon's journal and poetry books and set up the Arabic-Hebrew Poetry School. He is a member of the World Poetry Movement stirring committee and of the European Association of Writing Programs. He serves as national coordinator of the U.N.-sponsored Poets for Peace and as national editor for the international poetry magazines Atlas and Blesok.

Michalis Papadopoulos – Cyprus. He was born in 1963 in Nicosia.  He is a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Artistotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Philosophy. He has worked for two years at bookshops in Nicosia (Oktovriana, Amarantos) and since May 1994, he has been working in mass media, specialising in text proofreading and editing as well as assembling and presenting TV programmes. He has published three poetry collections (Ammolithos, Ektos Synoron, Elikas Fantastikou Elikopterou), of which the second was awarded the Cyprus State Poetry Prize in 2001. He was the co-founder of the cultural review Anef. Several of his works and poems have been published in magazines and newspapers in Cyprus, Greece and abroad. Poems of his have also been translated into English, French, Italian and Spanish. A few years ago he represented Cyprus at the Lodève International Poetry and Music Festival in France, and more recently at the Poetry Festival of Sète, France, in 2012. He has also participated in various poetry meetings and music/poetry projects in Greece and Cyprus.

Lia Lapithi (visual and performance artist) – Cyprus. She was born in Nicosia in 1963, where she lives and works. She studied Art and Environmental Architecture at the University Santa Cruz of California, USA [1979-1983]. She did postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom: Master in Philosophy, MPhil, University of Lancaster [1984], architecture at the Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury [1991] and Art Education at the University of Wales [1994]. Her recent works have to do with events related to art-food, including interactive social performances. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and participated in international festivals in places, such as at the Grand Palais in Paris, France, the Arts Center Dumbo in Brooklyn, New York, USA, at the Bozar, Le Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, Belgium, etc. Her works can be found in the collections of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Nicosia, Cyprus, in Vienna's Museum of Applied Arts, at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and at MUCEM in Marseille.

Michalis Papadopoulos & Lia Lapithi. What happens when you ask a poet and a fine artist to collaborate? We gave ourselves the following restrictions:

  1. At the beginning was the word,
  2. And the voice/face of the poet is revealed
  3. Artist takes a step back,
  4. And the art-work becomes (literally) a background for his word
  5. Audiences “experience” the writing of the poem by the creator himself.

Evridiki Pericleous-Papadopoulou  - Cyprus. was born in Nicosia. She is Deputy Headmistress at The Grammar School. Her publications include poetry, theatrical plays, short stories and research papers. Her plays were staged by THOC, Theatre ENA and Warehouse Croydon Theatre, London. In 2005 was awarded the State Prize for Poetry for “Choras Ιstorisi”, Nefeli, Athens

Constantinos Papageorgiou  – Cyprus. (1981) He  published his first poetry book in 2012 («Οι Πέντε Εποχές», Μελάνι) for which he was shortlisted by the “Hellenic Authors Society” for Best Newcomer Poet 2012. In 2008 he was awarded 1st Poetry Prize by the Cyprus Writers’ Union in its competition for young writers. He has participated in the photo exhibition “What’s the point of poetry?” during Berlin Poetry Festival 2013 and in several other literature festivals and events.
He has studied Education (Elementary, Special and Non-Formal) and works as a teacher and adults trainer. He is also a practitioner of “Theatre of the Oppressed”.

Zoi Kavaltzi – Greece. Born in the '80s. She works in Εducation as a primary teacher, but her heart is devoted to theatre. Her first serious attempts with drama were during her studies, at the Theatre Club of the University of Cyprus. In 2003 she becomes one of the founding members of Istos theatre group and over the years she participates in many performances of devised theatre. In 2011, along with other people who love drama, creates the storytelling group "Plastelini". Since January 2013 stars in the biggest role of her life, as a mother, directed by the most demanding director, her own baby daughter! Dramaturgy and poetry have been her two exciting interests for years, even more so when they are bonded together.

Constantinos Papageorgiou & Zoi Kavaltzi .Performance concept. The Poetic Subject becomes a mask worn by I, then You, then I again and so on. Poetry is the words that salvage one’s self before Supernova occurs.

Arnau Pons – Spain, Cataluna. He was born in Felanitx (Majorca) in 1965 and lives in Barcelona, where he combines creative writing with non-fiction, together with literary translation work and publishing. His poetry has appeared in regular editions as well as self-published limited editions. A desclòs («Unpicked», 1996) and Desertar («Desertion», 1997) marked the beginning of a period of poetical clandestinity, characterized by sporadic appearances in literary magazines and live poetry readings. More recently, he has republished Desertar (2010), and published Llum de ganivet («Knife Light», Cafè Central / Eumo 2012). He is the author of various appraisals of the work of Catalan poets such as Salvador Espriu, Miquel Bauçà, Maria-Mercè Marçal, Agustí Bartra and Joan Maragall; and of that of several foreign poets and writers (Maurice Blanchot, Velimir Khlebnikov, Paul Celan, Ingeborg Bachmann, Hélène Cixous, Jacques Dupin, Antonin Artaud). He translates from French, Portuguese, German and Italian into both Catalan and Spanish. Among the authors he has translated are: Luiza Neto Jorge, Herberto Helder, Paul Celan, Peter Szondi, Jean Bollack, Hélène Cixous, Dino Campana and Yitzhok Katzenelson (the latter from Yiddish into Sephardic). Since 2001, he has formed part of the Jean Bollack research team in Paris, focusing on Paul Celan. As a publisher, he has brought out the following authors (among others) in Catalan: Sarah Kofman, Idith Zertal, Roland Barthes, Joan Miró, Hannah Arendt, Rachel Bespaloff and Mahmud Darwish. Together with Simona Škrabec, he has compiled the two-volume essay collection Carrers de frontera («Border Streets: Passageways from German Culture to Catalan Culture», Institut Ramon Llull) which was presented officially at the 2007 edition of the Frankfurt Book Fair, at which Catalan culture was the guest of honor. In 2013, he gave a conference on Judith Butler and gender theory at the UNAM, and in 2014 he is giving classes on Celan at 17 – Instituto de Estudios Críticos, also in Mexico.

Ioanna Frangou – Cyprus. She was born in Nicosia and at age of 15 she goes to France to continue her education in Musical High School with parallel studies at Flamenco School of Isabel Pemartin.  She acquires the Diplôme de Fin d Έtudes in piano and music theory of Conservatoire National de Nantes. She continuous in the professional school de Arte Flamenco Christina Heeren  in  Seville, Spain where she gets the Diploma de Arte Flamenco.  She gave many performances with the Flamenco band «El Sueno» in France and solo performances ( X-Dream Festival, symposium of PEN ,The House of Cyprus etc.). She create and presente the show “Carmen” in Cyprus and Athens.

Arnau Pons & Ioanna Frangou. « Ratlles les aigües » , as Franz Kafka's letter to his father, speaks of the father's violence and the powerless assumption of this violence. « Ombres d’ocell » seeks to enter the territory of the beyond, perceived as an impossible. « Si jo et regalo » is an ironic poem about the theater of the lovers.And finally « De sobte un foc » expresses a moment of majesty and delirium, where the world is seen as a spark ,separate from the subject, delighted with his own madness.

Maria Siakalli – Cyprus. She  was born in Nicosia in 1980.  She is a graduate of the Turkish Studies Department of the University of Cyprus and has completed her graduate studies in Istanbul in the field of Cultural Studies. Her research focuses on Literature and Feminism. Her poems have been published in various literary magazines in Cyprus and Greece and in two Cypriot poetry anthologies.  Also she is participating in a book under the general title "Poetry " which is the product of the 5th Bicommunal Literary Contest organized by the Writers Union of Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriot Union of Writers and Artists and includes the poems of the two awarded poetesses.

Heli Slunga – Finland. (1982) is an awarded famous Finnish poetess, performing artist and columnist. She has published three collections of poetry: God doesn’t call us anymore (2008), Shadow Madonna (2009) and Slave’s book (2012). Her poems are characterised by the northern atmosphere and they treat subjects like sexuality, social orders, questions of power and woman's place in society in an anarchistic and amorally hilarious style with, of course, hints of the dark northern mental landscape. Her poems have been translated in seven languages and she has participated in poetry slams and festivals in Finland and abroad. 

Paul Stewart – UK. He is a British author and academic based in Nicosia. His works include the novel, Now Then (Armida, 2014), a collection of poetry, And Other Elsewheres (2009), and two books on Samuel Beckett: Sex and Aesthetics in the Works of Samuel Beckett (Palgrave, 2011) and Zone of Evaporation: Samuel Beckett’s Disjunctions. He a Professor of Literature at the University of Nicosia.

Pia Tafdrup – Denmark.  ( (b. 1952) is a Danish poet and writer and a member of The Danish Academy. She has received the Nordic Council's Literature Prize in 1999 and the Nordic Prize in 2006 from The Swedish Academy. She has published 15 collections of poetry, latest called Queen´s Gate (Bloodaxe 2001) and Tarkovsky´s Horses (Bloodaxe 2010). She has also published a statement of her poetics, two plays and two novels. Her poems are translated into many languages.

Athena Temvriou  - Cyprus. She studied English at the State University of New York at Stony Brook in the U.S.A and continued her graduate studies in English Renaissance Literature at the University of Sussex in the U. K. She is a member of the executive committee of the National Association of Greek writers in Cyprus, a member of PEN, of the UN in Cyprus and of the Association of Gifted Children, Cyprus. She has published three poetry collections: Of my Country and my Youth (1997), Transition (2009) and Among Sounds (2013). She has also published poetry in literary magazines and anthologies. She has been distinguished in poetry competitions and her poems have been translated in English and German. She is a teacher of English literature and Language.

Andreas Timotheou – Cyprus. He was born in Larnaca in 1990. He studied Science of Education at the University of Cyprus for which he was awarded scholarships and continued with postgraduate studies in Language Teaching. He is a writer of poetry and short stories and has already published three poetry collections: “For a moment and an eternity” (2011), “Everything that I'd like you to know” (2013), “The flowers of light”(2014).

Elena Toumazi Rembelina – Cyprus. Body of work.

  1. The little mole and the sun. Famagusta, 1972.
  2. Liturgy of the deceased present. Nicosia, June 1974.
  3. Chrysothemis’ bodies after her public decapitation in the late 20th century AD. Nicosia, 1977.
  4. Variations on Earth. Women’s Publishing, Athens, 1981.
  5. Breathings of a true name: a compilation of verses by favourite poets and excerpts from fairy tales. Aphe, Limassol, 2008.
  6. Come hither. Aphe, Limassol, 2011. (State Prize for Poetry)

Ayis Ioannides – Artistic Director Saturday Event. The distinguished conductor and composer Ayis Ioannides, born in Nicosia, studied in the U.K., Germany and Austria. He worked in German opera houses and held positions of chief conductor of the Vaasa City Orchestra, Finland, and of the Cyprus State Symphony and Youth Orchestras. He has composed works for orchestra, choir, voice, piano, and various chamber ensembles, as well as music for the theatre. Many have been performed in several European countries and the U.S.

Melina Shukuroglou – Artistic Director Sunday Event. Born in Nicosia in 1967, she received her BACHELOR IN FINE ARTS at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C. in 1990.  In 1986 she was awarded the Academic Excellence award and in 1989 the Marie Fredenburg Torsani Memorial Award for Highest Performance in the Painting Department. In 1990 she attended the Sotheby’s training program "Rules of buying and selling works of Art." She worked at Sotheby’s Washington D.C. Mid-Atlantic Region. She returned to Cyprus and worked at the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia, where she set up the Museum's first Educational Program for Children.  The artist has a studio and woks in Nicosia Cyprus. Served as Vice President of the Cyprus Visual Artists Association.
2006 - 10th Cairo Biennale, Best Pavilion Award, in collaboration with Kyriaki Costa
20005 - Limassol Court House, Cyprus 2nd prize.  Collaboration with Kyriaki Costa

Εlena Hadjiafxendi (voice) – Cyprus. She is an actress ((Drama School of National Theatre of Northern Greece), a singer (Conservatory ELEFTHERO in Athens) and a teacher (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).  She has MA in Drama and Education from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and she is working towards completing her Phd at theatre department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki .   In her carier as a performer  she has worked  in theatre , in television  and in cinema in Greece, in Cyprus,  in France, in Albanian and in Italy. She has participated in a lot of theatrical and music performances, concerts, poetry events, musicals, operettas in cooperation with artists like Spyros Evangellatos, Fabio Tolledi, Mikis Theodorakis, Thanos Mikroutsikos, Nicos Evangelou, George Theofanous etc.

Mariola Haritidou (piano) – Georgea. She was born in Tbilisi, Georgia and began piano lessons at the age of five at the Experimental Musical School of Tbilisi. She continued at the State Music School of Tbilisi attending the classes of Professor Nana Dimitriadis. At the same time she continued her studies at the International University of Journalism where due to her specialty she publishes articles on artistic and cultural subjects. Since 2005 she lives in Nicosia and teaches piano at the Conservatory of "Musica Mundana". She has given concerts as a soloist and accompanist musician, as well as with Chamber music ensembles in Georgia, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus and Sweden. In September she will be participating as the pianist corepitetor in the preparation of Mozart's opera "Cosi fan tutte" in collaboration with the Verona Opera Futura and the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra for the Paphos Aphrodite Festival-2014.

George Christophi (quitar) – Cyprus.  The guitar-player and composer Giorgos Christofi (b. 1983) graduated from the University of Hull in 2004 (BMus, First Class Honours). With a scholarship from the University of York he continued his postgraduate studies (Master of Arts) in composition. In 2009 he completed his PhD in York. As a composer he was one of 15 composers under the age of 30 from all over the world, who were offered scholarship to participate in the educational programme Voix Nouvelles of the Foundation Royaumont (2007) in Paris. Many of his compositions have been performed in international festivals in more than 15 countries in Europe, America and Asia. As a guitar soloist he performed in concerts in Cyprus as well as abroad. Today he works in the Arts Department of the European University Cyprus, as well as in the Musical Schools of Nicosia and Larnaca. He is a founding member and the secretary of the Cyprus EGTA (European Guitar Teachers Association).

 George Georgiou (clarinet) – Cyprus. He  was born in Nicosia, Cyprus where he begun his musical studies. He currently holds degrees (BMus and MA in advance instrumental studies) from City University and GSMD. He collaborated with famous musicians such as Rohan de Saram, Movses Pogossian, Vladimir Spivakov, Chilingirian String Quartet and performed as a soloist with CUSO and Moscow Vistuosi. Currently he is a member of Evohe Wind Quintet and musician in residence at the AVATON MUSIC FESTIVAL.

Ellie Aloneftou (voice) – Cyprus. She was born in Nicosia, she studied singing with the distinguished soprano Brigita Šůlcová at the Prague State Conservatory. She participated in operas and concerts in the Czech Republic and in Cyprus as well as in master classes under renowned singers, teachers and conductors in the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Italy. In 2007 she won a scholarship from the Nicolas Economou Foundation. She has directed the music department of the Greek Lyceum in the Czech Republic. She currently studies with Svetlana Krasnova at the ARTE Academy of Music.   

Anna Pavlou (flute) – Cyprus. She was born in Nicosia in 1994. At an early age she started lessons, at the Hellenic Music College in piano with Pitsa Spyridaki and in flute with Virginie Bove. She has been a member of the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra and has participated in numerous concerts, master classes and international competitions in Cyprus and overseas. She is now continuing with tertiary studies in piano and flute performance at the ARTE Academy of Music.

Christiana Nicolaides (flute) – Cyprus. She started flute lessons at the age of 12 with a scholarship from the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation and with Virginie Bove as a teacher. She participated in various concerts in Cyprus and abroad with Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra and Nicosia Schools Orchestra. She studied music and flute performance for two years in Montpellier, France with Jean-Loup Grégoire and Michel Raynié. Since 2013 she is studying music at Arte Academy of Music.



Because poetry dwells in things both living and lifeless
you seek the words to compose its body

And because dialogue befriends wisdom
you seek the tongue to talk your body

To compose desire under the light
and in the darkness

To step directly into the world
like the sun
a flame of blood
a breath of red

poetry: the art of composing a literary work in verses
dialogue: conversation, discussion, a philosophical or literary work
directly: immediately , with nothing in between

                                                                       Lily Michaelidou, June 2014


Friday 13 June 2014 - Meet the Poets
This was the opening event and took place in a garden by the Pedieos river (goes through the  heart of the city), where our guest poets from abroad together with other Cyprus poets, gave us a ‘taste’ of the readings / performances to come, in friendly surroundings, followed by an informal reception.

There were readings as well as performances.

Saturday, 14 June 2014 - Excursion
Departure in the morning, visited the Ayios Nikolaos tis Steghis Church (UNESCO heritage), had kunch at Galata village and loukoumadhes and coffee at kakoperia square

Poetry in Dialogue with Music, amidst the sounds and smells of the mountain
Troodos Mountains, the A G Leventis Botanical Garden. The former Amiandos Mines (where asbestos was excavated) has been reforested and turned into a beautiful botanical garden. Here Ayis Ioannides, a composer and orchestra director combined beautifully the readings with music.

There were readings as well as dialogues with music and song.

Sunday, 15 June 2014 - Poetry in Dialogue with Art, amidst the sounds and smells of the city
Nicosia, Fytorio, Visual Artists Association. Fytorio, the home of the Visual Artists Association (Cyprus), situated within the Nicosia Municipal Gardens hosted the third and last event of the series.

In this event visual performance artists were invited and created new works and ‘private conversations’ with poets, under the direction of the visual artist Melina Shukuroglou.

A catalogue book with poems from all the participating poets in the original language and with translations in Greek and English,  with concepts from the artists and the biographies and photos of all participants (poets, musicians, visual artists directors) was published and distributed complementary.


The project was supported by the Cultural services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Cyprus Tourism Organization and the Amiantos Local Authorities,  the cultural organisations NORLA (Norway), FILI (Finland, the Danish Arts Council, the Ramon Llull Institut (Cataluna, Spain) and Goethe Institut - Cyprus and the embassies of Greece, Israel, Norway, Finland, Spain, Aegean Airways

What Chloe Koutsoumbeli(Greece)wrote...

Ποίηση σε διάλογο, εμπειρία Πανσέληνος
Λευκωσία, αυτή η γυναίκα-πόλη με την γενετήσια πληγή-οριζόντια χαρακιά να διασχίζει το κέντρο της. Δύο Κύπριες γυναίκες, η Λίλη Μιχαηλίδου και η Νόρα Χατζησωτηρίου, το ΙΔΕΟΓΡΑΜΜΑ. Ποίηση σε διάλογο. Τριήμερες οι εκδηλώσεις. Κάτω από την πανσέληνο. Σε τρεις κήπους. Δέκα ξένοι και δέκα οκτώ Κύπριοι ποιητές. Επτά καλλιτέχνες και οκτώ μουσικοί. Ανάμεσα στα πεύκα, στα βότανα, με την μυρωδιά του δυόσμου και της λεβάντας, με ένα ελαφρό αεράκι και τα κοάσματα των βατράχων, ανάμεσα σε ζεστούς και ενδιαφέροντες ανθρώπους. Αν συνόψιζα την εμπειρία μου αυτές τις μέρες με μία λέξη αυτή θα ήταν Πανσέληνος. Γιατί πραγματικά ήταν κυκλική και ολόκληρη.
Είναι πραγματικά εντυπωσιακό πως αυτές οι δύο γυναίκες κατόρθωσαν να επιτύχουν δύο πράγματα μαζί. Από την μία να επιδείξουν άψογο επαγγελματισμό, με την έννοι/α της τέλειας οργάνωσης και από την άλλη ταυτόχρονα φαντασία και συναίσθημα. Γιατί κάθε μέρα ήταν μία έκπληξη που κορυφωνόταν για να ολοκληρωθεί την τρίτη μέρα. Κάθε μέρα ήταν μαγεία, είτε στον κήπο κοντά στον ποταμό Πεδιαίο που ήταν η μέρα της συνάντησης και της γνωριμίας, είτε στον Βοτανικό Κήπο Αναστάσιος Λεβέντης που η εκδήλωση έγινε σε τέσσερα σημεία, η μουσική πλημμύριζε και συνόδευε, πάνω στο γεφυράκι, με θέα το βουνό, ανάμεσα στα δέντρα, σε ένα πλάτωμα, σε μία εξέδρα και τέλος την τρίτη μέρα ο συνδυασμός των εικαστικών μέσων με την ποίηση με πάρα πολλούς και πρωτότυπους τρόπους, μέσα από το θέατρο, το βίντεο, τα σκηνικά δρώμενα. Κόκκινη είναι η πνοή της ποίησης που ζωντανεύει τον λόγο. Κι έτσι μέσα σε κόκκινη σκόνη που ζωντανεύει τα γράμματα πάνω στο γυαλί τελείωσε και η εκδήλωση.
Μέσα σε όλα αυτά και πάνω από όλα η χαρά της ανθρώπινης επαφής. Άνθρωποι. Από την Αυστραλία, την Γερμανία, το Ισραήλ, την Δανία, την Φινλανδία, την Νορβηγία, την Καταλονία, Ελλάδα και Κύπρο. Συντροφικότητα και επικοινωνία. Κοινά προβλήματα, κοινοί φόβοι, κοινοί εφιάλτες. Μία άμεση επαφή με τα ρεύματα της παγκόσμιας σύγχρονης ποίησης και τέχνης. Καλλιτέχνες που ανταλλάσσουν ανοιχτά και ελεύθερα στίχους και απόψεις. Μία πνοή δημιουργίας που αναμιγνύεται με την μαγεία και το ελαφρύ αεράκι που μας συνόδευε όλα αυτά τα βράδια.
Έχω παραστεί σε πολλές και ενδιαφέρουσες εκδηλώσεις όλα αυτά τα χρόνια που ασχολούμαι με την ποίηση. Όμως αυτή η εκδήλωση είχε κάτι το ξεχωριστό. Δεν ξέρω αν ήταν η ιδέα ή το γράμμα της, όμως αυτές οι δύο γυναίκες αποδεικνύουν πως εκτός από τις στείρες και ξεπερασμένες πια μορφές εκδηλώσεων η ποίηση και η τέχνη μπορούν να έχουν aπήχηση ξανά σε ένα πολύ ευρύ ακροατήριο αρκεί να υπάρχει έμπνευση και δημιουργικότητα.

Poetry in dialogue, Full Moon experience,
Nicosia, this woman-city with a cesarean wound-horizontal slash crossing her centre. Two Cypriot women Lily Michaelidou and Nora Hadjisotiriou, IDEOGRAMMA. Poetry in dialogue. Three-day events. Under the full moon. In three gardens. Ten foreigners and eighteen Cypriot poets. Seven artists and eight musicians. Amongst the pine trees, the herbs, with the smells of lavender and mint, with a slight breeze and the quacking of the frogs, amongst warm and interesting people. If I were to summarise my experience of these days with one word it would be Full Moon. Because it really was circular and whole.

It is really impressive how these two women managed to achieve two things simultaneously. On the one hand to demonstrate faultless professionalism, meaning  a perfect organisation and on the other hand both imagination and sensitivity. Because every day was a surprise that would culminate to finish on the third day. Every day was magical, either in a garden near the river Pediaeos, which was the day of meeting and getting to know each other, or in the botanical garden Anastasios Leventis, where the event took place at four points, flooded and accompanied by music, on a the bridge overlooking the mountain, among the trees, on a plateau, on a stage and finally on the third day, the combination of Visual Art with poetry, through many and original ways, through theatre, video, stage performances. Red is the breath of poetry that animates the words. So in a red dust that animates the letters on the glass the event was concluded.

Within all these and above all the joy of human contact. People. From Australia, Germany, Israel, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Greece and Cyprus, Catalonia. Companionship and communication. Common problems, common concerns, common nightmares. A direct contact with the trends of the world contemporary poetry and art. Artists who share freely and openly lyrics and opinions. One breath of creation that is mixed with the magic and the light breeze that accompanied us all these evenings.

I have participated in many interesting events all these years that I am steeped in poetry. But this event was something special. I don't know if it was the idea or the letter, but these two women demonstrate that over and above the sterile and obsolete forms of events, poetry and art can appeal again to a very wide audience as long as there is inspiration and creativity.

What People Said...

απολογούμαι που καθυστέρησα να επικοινωνήσω, τέλος της χρονιάς και δεν προλαβαίνω. Η γεύση του τριήμερου ταξιδιού στα χείλη στη σκέψη και στην καρδιά μου . Ευχαριστώ για τον πολιτισμό που μας προσφέρατε γερές και δυνατές να μας ταξιδέψετε ξανά και ξανά στα ωραία ταξίδια όπως θα έλεγε κι ο ποιητής...
φιλιάευρυδίκη (Περικλέοuς Παπαδοπούλου) 24jun14

Dear Lily and Nora, thank you for everything! Xxxx you are great.
Evridiki pericleous Papadopoulou, 19jun14

Έναευχαριστώγιααυτήτηνπετυχημένηαυτήσυνεύρευσητέχνης. Νομίζω όλοι μας το απολαύσαμε
Χριστιάνα Αβρααμίδου,  19jun14
Thank you very very much dear Lily and Nora, the dialogue has been a very valuable experience. I feel so lucky to meet you two and all the participants....
Nafia Akdeniz, 18jun14

I miss you too. It certainly was a dialogue. I was very happy to take part and of course it was overwhelming to visit Cyprus for the first time. 
Thank you for taking care of EVERYTHING - the invitations, e-mails, details for the programs, the food, transport, the good conversations -  and even the hotel towels…
Pia Tafdrup (Denmark), 18jun14

Thank you for everything you did to organize this beautiful and so interesting meeting of poets. You gave as a good opportunity to listen to so many interesting poetical voices in different language. I am sure, we will follow, through internet or otherwise their work and this is very nice. Allthebest,
Giorgos Moleskis, 18jun14

Εμείς σας ευχαριστούμε για την πραγματικά υπέροχη οργάνωση και εμπειρία.Καλό και δημιουργικό καλοκαίρι!
A. Τιμοθέου, 18jun14

Dear Mrs. Michaelides !
Dear Mrs. Hadjisotiriou !
I regret very much that I could not attend even one event of “Poetry in Dialogue” this year.
I find what you are doing very interesting, laudable and remarkable.
As I had told you at the Swedish Embassy reception, I was in Vienna from June 13th to 17th to attend a Conference in Vienna on the 40 / 50 years of division of Cyprus where I was one of the speakers and co-panelists.
I hope very much to attend the next event !
Best regards and warm greetings,
Dr. Karl Mueller, Ambassador of Austria, 18jun14

Θα ήθελα και εγώ με τη σειρά μου να σας ευχαριστήσωτην για την ευκαιρία που μου δώσατε  να συμμετέχω σ' αυτή την ανεπανάληπτη εμπειρία. Καλόκαλοκαίρικαικαλήξεκούραση!
ΦιλιάΈφη Σαββίδη, 18jun14

Poetry Dialogue wasn't just the title of  this poets' gathering. Actually it wasn't just a title at all. It was a heart-warming meeting of this evasive republic of poetry that disappears and reappears around our globe wherever genuine poetry lovers organize a true agora of poetry. This, aside from the enthusiastic audience and the participating poets, was the surely the secret of your Dialogue. Thank you for these beautiful days and for the dessert in Larnaca…
Love Amir Or (Israel), 17jun14

Είμαι ακόμα μαγεμένη! Ευχαριστώ εσένα και την Νόρα για όλα!
Chloe Koutsoumbeli (Greece), 17jun14

 Bravo to you both for three wonderful events!!!  And of course to all those who took part.  Everyone was very impressed with the organisation, the standard of the performers and the beautiful venues.  More please!
Lots of love,
Mary Plant (attended all 3 events), 16jun14

I wanted to thank you again for the amazing experience I had during the events. 
I congratulate both of you with all my heart!
NafiaAkdeniz, 16jun14

μόλις αποκτήσατε έναν καινούριο «πελάτη» στις εκδηλώσεις σας. Ενθουσιάστηκα. Ήταν μια υπέροχη βραδιά, βαθειά ποιητική από κάθε άποψη. Μου άρεσε ιδιαίτερα το  πλησίασμα σου στο τζάμι και ανατρίχιασα με το ποίημα σου για την κρίση. Δυστυχώς έπρεπε να φύγω άμεσα, έτσι μόλις τέλειωσε η Αλεξάνδρα έφυγα σαν κυνηγημένη χωρίς να σας συγχαρώ.Σου εύχομαι ότι καλύτερο για την ποίησή σου και τη ζωή σου.
Φιλιά: Μυρτώ Aζίνα,16jun14

Ήταν πολύ όμορφα στα βουνά και ήθελα να σας ευχαριστήσω και εσένα και τη Νόρα. Και η εκδρομή αλλά και το πάρκο με τη μουσική και την ποίηση ήταν μαγικά. Και η ανατολή του φεγγαριού πανέμορφη. Χάρηκα επίσης ιδιαίτερα που γνώρισα την κυρία Κοραλλία (KoralyDimitriadis) και ελπίζω σύντομα να την ξαναδώ. Καλή εβδομάδα!
Κατερίνα Ατταλίδου, 16jun 16

Ευχαριστούμε,που μας κάνατε πιο πλούσιους, σε περίοδο κρίσης.... 
Νέαρχος Κ (Κληρίδης) 16jun14

Just a quick note to thank you for the fabulous weekend of poetry and delightful cultural events! We had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed meeting many of the local and foreign participants.
Thank you again and please keep us informed of all similar events in the future and how we may be of help.
Fondly,Cathy and Andrea Philippou (attended all three events),16jun14

I arrived in Barcelona!
I still retain the feeling of our wonderful poetic encounter. Thank you for having invited me.
If you want to invite in the future another Catalan poet, I will advise Blanca Llum Vidal; she is very good at public readings. You can look on Google.
Warm regards! Arnau Pons (Cataluna, Spain) 16jun14

Συγχαρητήρια για την άψογη διοργάνωση, τον συντονισμό, την επιλογή του χώρου, την ψηλή αισθητική με την οποία έγιναν όλα τόσο απλά, τόσο όμορφα αλλά και τόσο οργανωμένα!
Μπράβο σας!
Νένα Φιλούση, 16jun 14

Ευχαριστω  γι' αυτή την εμπειρια.
Ηταν ένα υπεροχο δωρο!
Καλη συνεχεια στα ομορφα που κανετε.
Μεαγάπη, Ελενα Τουμαζή 14 Jun14