Past Events

International Poetry Meeting - to Be or Not to Be

The two 2008 event was two fold. It included the, by now annual celebratory event on 21 March, titled to Be or Not to Be, where poetry was recited by numerous artists and where poetry was interspersed with other forms of art, this year with visual art.

The event scenario was developed by Nicos Charalambous, who again this year was in Greece due to other engagements and the realisation was undertaken by Neoclis Neocleous. The music was selected by Ayis ioannides.

An anthology of poems and art of all the participating artists and poets was published.

The participating artists were 34:

  • Neriman Cahit
  • Antoinette L Dheere
  • Alexandra Galanou
  • Nora-Eugenie Gomringer (Germany)
  • Pola Hadjipapa
  • Joseph Josephides
  • Mehmet Kancu
  • Djelal Kadir
  • Yiorgos Kalozois
  • Dionysis Kapsalis (Greece)
  • Savvas Kokkinos
  • Pambos Kouzalis
  • Vakis Loizides
  • Vasos Lyssarides
  • Ricardo Lopez
  • Lisa Suhair Majaj
  • Niki Marangou
  • Lily Michaelides
  • Yiorgos Moleskis
  • Nora Nadjarian
  • Filiz Naldoven
  • Dapne Nikita
  • Michalis Papadopoulos
  • Charalambos Panaonissiforou
  • Vassilis Papageorgiou (Sweden)
  • Nasa Patapiou
  • Elli Peonidou
  • Stephanos Stephanides
  • Paul Stewart
  • Mona Savvidou Theodoulou
  • Spurgeon Thompson
  • Lia Voyiagi
  • Abdo Wazen (Lebanon)
  • Neshe Yashin

The visual artists Pola Hadjipapa and Lia Voyiagi have created a new work by combining some of their paintings and transforming them into giant projections that covered the whole of the wall.