Past Events

2009 - 2010
Triptych: Poetry – identity – Coexistence
European Culture Programme 2007 – 2013
Supported by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Cyprus


Ideogramma and Atlantis Productions, Nicosia, Cyprus


Biennale International de Poètes en Val-de-Marne, Paris, France



Nicosia - Cyprus
In the beginning is the Word
21 March 2009

Paris - France
3 October 2009

Nicosia - Cyprus
The poet and his World
21 March 2010

Stockholm - Sweden
Crossing borders, connecting Cultures
16 May 2010

Tinos - Greece
1st Tinos International Literary Festival
29 - 31 July 2010

Lemithou, Cyprus
Cafe Floral, Athens
Berns, Salonger Stockholm
Day of Poetry
30 October 2010



“Logos”, the ability to communicate through language, is the primary means of expression and communication among people. In today’s globalised world and complex societies poetry deals with the most significant contemporary issues that affect our everyday life.

… There is a need to re-introduce poetry as a mechanism of developing a European cultural identity...

Under the umbrella of “Triptych: Poetry-Identity-Coexistence”, the six events that will take place in four European capitals, are organised around the central theme of “logos” / spoken language / poetry, which will be enhanced and complemented by other forms of art: music, dance, theatre, visual and performing arts.

Through the expression of different linguistic characteristics, the creators will project their own ideas and thoughts on the notions of Poetry, Identity, Tolerance and Co-existence,

…. as all poems will be recited in their original language…

The aim is to explore the rich European diversity of traditions and culture and at the same time project a common cultural heritage, through the creation of “platforms” to explore the notions of identity, multiculturalism, artistic expression and peaceful coexistence in Europe.

By building bridges between creators in Europe from north to south and east to west and EU neighbours through poetry, this project aspires to create a network of trans-national partnerships and cooperation.

Through the dissemination of the project products, a bookmark baring the multicultural messages of the project, the DVD of the events and two Anthologies of poems, this project aspires to have an impact at a European level, re-introducing poetry to Europeans.

The project will be the basis for a sustained cooperation among partners, poets and other artists involved, in order to reintroduce poetry as a means of communication and intercultural understanding.

The activities proposed

… are not intended only for an audience interested in poetry….

but for all people, who wish to explore the notions of multiculturalism, coexistence and peace, as well as their common cultural heritage.

The Project

Six events will take place in Nicosia, Stockholm, Paris and Athens, representing not only the old, the new and the future EU member states but also covering Europe from north to south and from east to west. Each event will be unique and original but a vital part of the whole project. Through the expression of different linguistic characteristics the poets / artists will project their own ideas and thoughts on the notions of identity, tolerance and co-existence. All poems will be recited in their original language.