Past Events

The Poet and his World, 21 March 2010

Ideogramma & Atlantis productions

The Poet and his World. The second event celebrating the International Poetry Day, took place in Nicosia. Having accumulated the experience of the past events, the aim of this event was to increase the quality and the quantity of the participating performances ensuring that as many languages and as many dialects as possible are heard. Twenty four poets, two musicians and two actors participated in the event that was hosted at Kastelliotissa Medieval Hall, a converted Cultural Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Education (believed to be the banqueting hall of a medieval palace).

designed and directed by Andreas Araouzos
music improvisation by Demetris Zachariou
lighting design by Carolina Spyrou
set dressed by Christy Polydorou

Twenty four poets from ten European countries: 
CYPRUS / UK - Alev Adil, CYPRUS - Andreas Araouzos, ITALY - Andrea di Consoli, FRANCE - Maité Clerides, RUSSIA - Regina Derieva, CYPRUS - Nena Filousi, GeorgeFrangos, Pantelis Georgiou, Sonia Koumourou, GERMANY - Björn Kuhligk, SWEDEN -Ingemar Lindhal, PALESTINE / USA - Lisa Suhair Majaj, CYPRUS - Lily Michaelides, SPAIN - Alex Susanna Nadal,  CYPRUS - Panayiotis Nicolaides, 
Maria Peratikou, Evridiki Pericleous Papadopoulou,  Pambos Philippou,  Ellada Sophocleous, GREECE - Dinos Siotis, CYPRUS - Sotos Stavrakis, UK - Paul Stewart, CYPRUS - Athena Tembriou, Neshe Yashin

Two musicians and two actors
Demetris Zachariou (piano) and Andreas Rodosthenous (bass)
Nedie Antoniades and Konstantinos Gavriel (actors)

The stage was set as if it were a mini world of a poet (typewriter, computer, rocking char, side lamp, library). 

One poem from all non-Greek writing  / reciting poets was translated and read by an actor.

Two musicians, a pianist and an electric guitarist provided accompaniment to the recitations / readings. 

The names of the poets and the country of origin were projected on two large TV screens One poet’s participation was in the form of a video poem.

The event was filmed and 150 DVDs were distributed in Cyprus and abroad.
Support Promotional Printed Material included: 2,000 invitations, 1,000 anthology books, 500 programmes, 500 event bookmarks.

The project, the event and the principals (participating poets, organisers, sponsors) have been promoted to more than 20 countries primarily in Europe but as far a field as the USA and Australia. We are estimating to have reached over 10,000 (3,000 in Cyprus alone) directly or indirectly.

The event was supported by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the Nicosia Municipality, the embassies of Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Sweden and the cultural centres Goethe Zentrum and the British Council.