Past Events

NOTOPOS , Saturday 3 October 2009

Biennale International de Poètes en Val-de-Marne, Paris
Ideogramma & Atlantis Productions 

Sharing Values, Common Culture, and Peaceful Coexistence was highlighted in Paris on 3 October 2009. International Day of Peace (21/9) and over 50 years of prosperous, peaceful coexistence and stability in Europe was celebrated in a city that has marked over times the biggest and most important peace accords and conferences, ending European wars and conflicts, such as the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, the Treaty of Paris in 1763, Paris Peace Accords in 1973 etc. Over thirty participants from Europe, met on the night described as Nuit Blanche (white night, when throughout the evening / night - until dawn, cultural events are taking place in Paris). Recitations and happenings (with music, poetic installations etc) were taking place from 21.00 and until 01.15 in two theatres; La Maison de la Poésie in the centre of the city and at Le Gare au Théâtre in Vitry, (outskirts of Paris, an old train station converted into a theatre / cultural centre), as well as on the shuttle bus that was ferrying poets, artists and audience from the one venue to the other.

Twenty one poets from eleven European countries participated:
AUSTRIA: Christian Steinbacher - BELGIUM: Damien Spleeters - CYPRUS: Gür Genc, Pambos Kouzalis, Niki Marangou, Lily Michaelides - FINLAND: Cia Rinne -  FRANCE:Olivier Apert, Julien BlaineAnne Kawala, Nathalie Yot – GREAT BRITAIN: Jaw Lindsay- GREECE: Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Angeliki Sigourou - ITALY: Alessandro de Francesco, Laura Pugno - SPAIN / CATALONIA: Ramon Dachs, Alex Susana - SWITZERLAND: Heike Fiedler THE NETHERLANDS: Saskia de Jong

Twelve musicians, artists and actors: 
David Tuil, Anne-James Chaton, Eric Vernhes, Anne-Gaëlle Balpe, Julie Binot, AnnaO, Patrick Bouvet, Eddie Ladoire, Liliane Giraudon, Guy-André Lagesse, Marc Chalosse, Costas Cacoyiannis

The poems were recited in the original language by the poet himself/herself and in translation in French by French actors.

Five cameras were filming the happenings at the two theatres and on the busses. A DVD was made and copies were distributed in Europe primarily.

Two screens, one in each theatre were showing happenings in the other theatre or the bus.

Support Promotional Printed Material included: invitations / information leaflet, bus pass, book marks, programme.

An anthology edition was published and distributed in October 2010.

The project, the event and the principals (participating poets, organisers, sponsors) have been promoted primarily to the eleven countries from which the poets came from. An email campaign reached as far a field as the USA.  We are estimating to have reached over 5,000 directly or indirectly.

The event was supported by BIPVAL, the municipality of Val de Marne and the theatres of La Maison de la Poésie and Gare au Théâtre.