Past Events

In the beginning is the word, Saturday 21 March 2009

Ideogramma & Atlantis Productions 

The first event took place in Nicosia, to celebrate International Poetry Day on 21 March 2009, and brought together eleven highly acclaimed poets from ten European countries at the medieval scenery of Famagusta Gate, part of the Venetian Walls of Nicosia in the old section of the city. The poets recited their poems while live music (six musicians interspersed amongst the audience) acted as an interval, linking one session to the next. Recitations and music were shown in adjoining rooms on large screens. Translations of the poems in Greek and English were projected on the walls behind the seated poets. Parallel to the event, a Poetry Book Fair took place with three companies a publishing house and two bookshops

Artistic Director: Ayis Ioannides
Venue: Famagusta Gate (Cultural Centre), Nicosia Cyprus
Open to the public, no entrance fee
Started at 19.30 and finished at 10.00, with one interval of 20 minutes

FINLAND – Catharina Gripenberg, FRANCE - Pascale Petit, GERMANY - AlbertOstermaier, GREECE – Michalis Ganas, IRELAND - Peter McDonald, ITALY – Ennio Cavalli, LATVIA - Edvins Raups, SERBIA - Duska Vrhovac, SPAIN - Luis Alberto de Cuenca, CYPRUS - Mehmet Yashin, CYPRUS -  Lefkios Zafiriou

Five Cyprus based poets and two actors recited translated poems into Greek and / or English

A bilingual Master of Ceremonies ensured that all moved smoothly

The event was filmed and 150 DVDs were distributed primarily in Europe

Support Promotional Printed Material included: 2,000 invitations, 2,000 anthology books, 500 programmes, 500 bookmarks.

The project, the event and the principals (participating poets, organisers, sponsors) have been promoted to more than 20 countries primarily in Europe but as far a field as the USA. We are estimating to have reached over 5,000 (2,000 in Cyprus alone) directly or indirectly.

The event was supported by the Nicosia Municipality, the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus, the Cyprus Electricity Authority, the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority, the embassies of Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Sweden, the cultural centre Goethe Zentrum, the University of Nicosia and the Mitsides Group.