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Crossing Borders, Connecting Cultures, 15 May 2010

Ars interpres
Ideogramma & Atlantis Productions

Crossing Borders, Connecting Cultures is the theme of the event that took place at the Mediterranean Museum in Stockholm. Cypriots representing the different cultures of the island, (Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Maronite and Latin), were intermingled with Scandinavian poetry, “logos” and languages. The objective was to ensure that all participants engage in a dialogue and that they interact with each other on stage. This event did not constitute a mere recitation. The engaged dialogue of the poets highlighted the similarities and differences among poetry and other forms of art, among the poets themselves, the European traditions and diverse cultures, different communities, gender and language. The event in Stockholm portrayed this diversified culture and brought out the similarities and the differences of the south European countries with the Nordic States of Europe.

The day before the poetry event, an exhibition of Cypriot artists opened at the Avesta Museum (about 2 hours away from Stockholm), to which the whole group was invited and hosted. A large screen in the museum showed the poetry event live on the following day.

Twenty poets from Cyprus and North Europe took part: 
CYPRUS:- George Christodoulides, Zelia Gregoriou, Panos Ioannides, Lily Michaelides, Nora Nadjarian, Charalambos Papaonissiforou, Nasa Patapiou,  Mona Savvidou Theodoulou, Jenan Selcuk, Stephanos Stephanides, DENMARK: - Ulrika S Gernes, FINLAND: - Anni Sumari, IRELAND: - Paddy Bushe, LATVIA: - Juris Kronbergs, RUSSIA: - Alexei Purin, SWEDEN: - Peter Curman, Peter Lingren, Marie Linquist, Hakan Sandall, Tomas Transtromer.

Musicians Costas Cacoyiannis from Cyprus ( a composer and a multi musical instrument player) composed music especially for the event, while Lucia Negro, renowned concert pianist played classical music, one piece a composition of Ayis Ioannides, a Cypriot and the Artisitic Director of Atlantis Productions.

Support Promotional Printed Material included: 2,000 invitations, 500 programmes,500 pens

The project, the event and the principals (participating poets, musicians, organisers, sponsors) have been promoted to more than 20 countries primarily in Europe but as far a field as the USA and Australia. We are estimating to have reached over 24,000 directly or indirectly.

The main room could sit 85 and it was full throughout. An adjoining media room, where the event was shown on screen hosted another 50 people, who moved to the main room when space permitted. On the day the site was visited by 123.

The event ‘Crossing Borders, Connecting Cultures’ was supported by the Mediterranean Museum, The Swedish Literary Foundation, the Embassy of Cyprus in Sweden, the companies Capitum and Hotel Oden and the Kykkos Holy Monastery. June 2010.