Past Events

A Day of Poetry, Saturday 30 October 2010

Ideogramma & Atlantis Productions, Nicosia 
Ars Interpres, Stockholm, Sweden
Society of (de)kata, Athens, Greece

On the same day and time in all three countries (three venues),  cultural cafés or centres, were connected by satellite and internet (HellasSat), poetry was recited, the DVDs of the previous four events were screened and the audience was invited to join in a discussion on poetry, as a form of promoting European culture, tolerance and peaceful coexistence. The audience, which was global, explored the dimensions of the individual languages, identities and cultures. It served as a basis for future similar projects, involving more countries and people. People at home, anywhere in the world were able to follow the event over the  internet, while the audience at the venues could interact with each.

The sixth and final event took place in Athens - Greece, Lemithou - Cyprus and Stockholm – Sweden. At the Café Floral (Athens), Parakentro Cultural centre (Cyprus) and Berns Salonger (Sweden) HellasSat connected the venues and the audience as well as people on the internet followed the event. In Cyprus, at the Parakentro Cultural Centre in Lemithou village, on the mountains of Troodos, the poets recited and a musician, Costas Cacoyiannis, accompanied the recitations. 

Twelve poets poets in Cyprus: Evridiki Pericleous, Iason Stavrakis, Jenan Selcuk, Vakis Loizides, Chriatiana Avraamidou, Pambos Kouzalis, Yiorgos Charitonides, Nena Filousi, Lily Michaelides; Beverly Monastier (USA), Massimo Carnelos (Italy),  Yiorgos Volopoulos (Greece)

Nine poets In Greece: Demetris Athenakis, Demetra Cotoula, Panos Caponis, Patricia Colaiti, Alekos Florakis, Michael Mitras, Lena Kallergi, Yiannis Stingas, Eftychia Panayiotou

Nine poets in Sweden: Per Wästberg, Elizabeth Hjorth, Matle Persson, Gunnar Harding, Regina Derieva (Russia), Petter Lindgren, Ida Linde, Dipok Mazumdar, Julian Birbrajer,

Support Promotional Printed Material included: 2,000 invitations / informative leaflets

The project, the event and the principals (participating writers, organisers, sponsors) have been promoted to more than 30 countries. We are estimating to have reached over 30,000 directly or indirectly.