Nora Hadjisotiriou

A Marketing and Public Relations specialist with vast experience in Cyprus as well as abroad mainly the Middle East with an excellent record of managing annual and ad hoc promotional events.

Since 2008 - (founder and director) provides marketing and PR consultation and services; formulates and implements marketing and merchandising strategies, prepares and monitors budgets, develops packaging, trains sales, promotion and other staff, organises launches, promotions,  competitions.

Since 2004 - (founder partner and director) produces high calibre artistic events (primarily music),  provides expertise to innovative festivals (IMF).


Since 2006 - (founder partner & director) organisers of cultural events local and international, primarily in literature (see profile of Ideogramma).

Marketing and PR Manager for Rothmans International (Cyprus based) for the local company and the Middle East for over 20 years (1878 – 1999) managing annual budgets of C£2 mln (€3.5 mln) for the former and St£10 (€11.7 mln) for the latter.

Selected Current and Past projects

Cyprus Conference                                                                                                  October 2014
(NH) invited speaker at the conference held at the London Metropolitan University – subject of talk: Famous Women of Cyprus.
Cyprus Conference                                                                                                          May 2013
(NH) invited speaker at the conference held at the London Metropolitan University – subject of talk: the Kyrenia Ship.
Conference on Nicosia                                                                                                            2011
(NH) key member of the organising committee (and one of the speakers) of the conference that took place in Cyprus at the Leventis Museum.
Cyprus Conference                                                                                                                   2011
(NH) invited speaker at the conference held at the London Metropolitan University – subject of talk: The Nicosia International Airport.

Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition                                                                                2013
(NHC), Media Consultant, international, High Tech competition.
Cyprus Red Cross Quarterly Magazine                                                                  2006 – 2013
(NHC) editor.                                                                                                                  
Digiwand IT Consultants                                                                                           2000-to date (NHC) marketing consultant to an IT company.                                   

Cyprus Youth Orchestra Music Summer Academy                                              2007- 2012
(NHC) Camp Manager, organiser of concerts in Cyprus and abroad (2010 in Istanbul), with over 100 musicians and 20 teachers, from Cyprus and abroad.
Pedhoulas Festival 2012                                                                                               June 2012
(NHC) organiser of a 2 day festival that included food demonstration.
Tea at the Museum                                                                                                          May 2012
(NHC) project manager of the artist’s installation.
Quick Water                                                                                                                      May 2011
(NHC) Marketing Plan for Cyprus.

NSS Engineering Services                                                                                         2009 - 2010
(NHC) Marketing Plan for Cyprus.
Dessange Medical Wellness Day Spa                                                                     2006 - 2009
(NHC) Marketing Consultant.
Cyprus Association of Directors                                                                                2005-2008
(NHC) Business Development, Event Management.

ECMS 2008                                                                                                                       June 2008
(NHC) project manager, conference with 150 international participants.
24TH  International Conference                                                                                  June 2007
(NHC) project manager, exclusive medical conference on cancer research.
Cyprus Entrepreneurship Competition                                                                   2003 - 2006
(NHC), Consultant / Project Manager, international, High Tech competition.
EGSR and Ayia Napa Conferences                                                                                       2006
(NHC) project manager, 2 back to back conferences, in 2 localities, in Cyprus.

International Motion Festival                                                                                  2011 – todate
(AP) co-organiser (year 1) and consultant  from then onwards of the multi day festival on motion graphics, the first of its kind in Cyprus and the broader Middle East.
Classical Month of Larnaca                                                                                                    2007
(AP) participation with a string quartet from the UK.
Easter Concerts                                                                                                           2004 – 2006
(AP) organiser.
Opera Production “Caterina Cornaro”                                                                       Sept 2004
(AP) project manager.

New product World Launch - Lebanon                                                   July 1996 - Oct 1997
(Rothmans) PM of the launch with a budget of St£1,5 mln. 
Rothmans Cyprus Rally                                                                                                 1982-1996
(Rothmans) key member of the organising committee of this European rally.
Opera Riccardo Primo                                                                                                             1991
(Rothmans) key member of the organising committee.
Rodin and His Contemporaries – Cyprus                                                                            1989
(Rothmans) project manager of the exhibition of original prototype works.