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LOGOs International Literary Festival, 2013


Olga Belzer (Russia) (1971)In 1993 she graduated as a lawyer from Perm State University. In 2007, the Year of Russian Language, she won the Second Contest of Poetry, “I'll never part from anybody!..” announced by Rozzarubeztsentr and the “Literary newspaper”. She has published four books of poems: “Monday” (1996), “Mascot” (2006), “Axis” (2010), and “Line” (2012).

Nissim Calderon (Israel) An essayist on Hebrew Literature, mainly Hebrew Poetry. He has published six books whilst also contributing to Israeli Literary Magazines, newspapers, and Internet sites. One of his books describes the plurality of Israeli Society and Israeli Literature. His latest work examines changes in Israeli Poetry over the last 30 years, and new connections between Poetry and Rock Music. He is an active participant in organizations advocating Israeli-Palestinian peace and social justice in Israel. He teaches at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Massimo Carnelos (Italy) (1969)  After obtaining a Master’s in the Theory of Literature from the University of Rome, he worked first as a teacher and then for International Organisations (OSCE and EU). In 2001 he joined the Italian Foreign Service, being stationed in New Zealand, Cyprus and Iraq. He has a keen interest in literature, particularly poetry. Some of his poems were published in literary journals, in Greek and English.

Ruxandra Cesereanu (Romania) (1963) Poet. She is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Letters (Department of Comparative Literature) and the editor of “Steaua” cultural magazine, in Cluj. She is also a staff member at the Centre for Imagination Studies (Phantasma), Cluj, and the director of Oneiric Literature Studies and Creative Writing Workshops. She has published ten books of poetry, four of which have been translated into English.

Giorgos Christodoulides (Cyprus) born in Moscow in 1968. He holds a Master’s in Journalism (Lomonosov University, Moscow) and works as a journalist in Nicosia. His debut work “Enia” (Ateleia, Nicosia, 1996) was awarded the State Prize for young writers. His second, “Dream-Mill” (Gavrielides, Athens, 2001) received the State Prize for poetry. Extensive part of his work has been translated into English, German, French, Bulgarian, Spanish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Turkish etc and appeared in Cypriot and international literary reviews. He is often invited to participate in poetry festivals across Europe.

Cecilia Davidsson (Sweden) (1963) Best known for her short stories, she writes, often in a drastic and humorous way, about everyday life and the so-called common people in Sweden today, trying to see what is going on under the surface. Her first book, En avdessanätter (One of these nights), won the best debut prize in 1994. She has written three more collections of short stories, and two novels. She also writes children’s books, often together with her twin sister who is an illustrator.

Manuel Forcano (Catalunya, Spain) (1968)Indebted to poets like Kavafis and Yehuda Amichai, the latter of whom he has translated into Catalan, he frequently engages historical or cultural motifs from antiquity in contrast to the vulgarity of the present. A further contrast emerges between the pervasive erudition of his poems and his simplicity of tone and forms. Love and nostalgia for a glorious past dominate his poetry. He has received many prizes for his poetic work.

Gur Genc (Cyprus) Born in 1969 in Pafos. After the division of the island 1974, he was evacuated with his family and resettled in Northern Cyprus in the region of Mesaoria where he grew up. He lived for many years in Turkey and England. Apart from being a poet, he is also a short story writer, translator, editor, and gardener. Since 1992, he has published 11 books.  

Maria Ioannou (Cyprus) Born in 1982, in Limassol. She studied English Literature in the UK (MA 20th Century Lit, King's College London / BA English Lit, 1st Class, University of Reading). She has won awards in both local and international writing competitions. She often combines her writing with other forms of art. Her collection of short stories - "The Gigantic Fall of an Eyelash" (Gavrielides Publishing, Athens 2011) - has been awarded the Emerging Writer Literary Prize by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus. 

Pambos Kouzalis (Cyprus) Born in Nicosia in 1964. He studied Archaeology/History of Art at Athens University and holds a Master’s in Classical Studies from the Open University, UK. He works as a philologist in Secondary Education. He wrote song lyrics for theatrical productions and televised series. He has published two collections of poems: “Raptos Logos” (2003) and “Ena” (2011).

Lisa Suhair Majaj (USA / Palestine) She is the author of the poetry volume “Geographies of Light” (winner of the 2008 Del Sol Press Poetry Prize) and co-editor of three volumes of literary essays on international women writers. She is currently teaching a course on poetry at the University of Cyprus.

Herbert Maurer  (Austria) (1965) Writer and translator. For many years, he has been working as a linguist for the Old and New Armenian Literature. He gives lectures on contemporary Austrian literature in various places including Yerevan (Armenia), and is the initiator of several festivals. His first anthology as a translator was on contemporary Armenian literature. He is the author of numerous publications, novels, short stories, poetry and plays.

John Michael Mouskos (Cyprus / UK) He lives and writes in Hampstead, London. His first anthology “Autumn”, with poems selected by Carrie Kania, was presented in November 2011 at the Society Club in Soho, London. He has produced and directed several poetry films and documentaries. Founder of the annual Art for Life Prize, an International Art and Poetry Competition for young people in schools across Cyprus and Greece.  He was a member of the 'Vivid Poetry' event in Nicosia 2012. His first book of poetry, “Unloved”, will be published by Papadakis in March 2014.

Nora Nadjiarian (Cyprus) A poet and short story writer. In addition to three poetry collections, a book of short stories, Ledra Street (2006) and a chapbook of fairytale-inspired microfiction – Girl, Wolf, Bones (2011), she has had work published online and in journals worldwide. She has also won prizes and commendations in international competitions, including the Commonwealth Short Story Competition and the Seán Ó Faoláin Short Story Prize.Her work was included in the anthologies Best European Fiction 2011 (Dalkey Archive Press) and Being Human (Bloodaxe Books, 2011).

Arne Østring (Norway) (1961) He made his literary début in 1992 with the short-prose collection Hvis du så deg rundt en dag (If You Had a Look Around Some Day), which was very well received by the critics. He has since written four collections of short prose, and has estasblished himself as one of Norway's foremost short-prose writers.

Elli Peonidou (Cyprus) Born in 1940 in Vasa.  She is the author of books for children and young people, poetry and novels for adults. She has also translated foreign poetry into Greek. Her work for children has been highly praised and one of her books was chosen among the 100 Best of the Year by the IBBY, in Basel, Switzerland. She was nominated for the Andersen Prize. Peonidou has been awarded the First State Prize for literature more than once. She is a member of several writers’ organizations and served as a member of the Jury for the Neustadt International Literary Price of the University of Oklahoma.

Emilios Solomou (Cyprus) (1971). He studied History and Archaeology at the University of Athens, and Journalism in Cyprus. He has worked as a journalist for a daily newspaper. For the novel “An axe in your hands”, 2007, he was awarded the Cyprus State Prize for Literature. Many of his short-stories were featured in literary magazines. His novel, “Akin to a sparrow, swiftly gone…”, has been translated and published in Bulgari.

Chrysa Spyropoulou (Greece) (1957) She studied Ancient Greek and Latin at the university of Ioannina, and English Literature at Athens University. She holds a PhD from the University of Ioannina. She has written crime novels and short stories for magazines, newspapers and the radio. She is a member of the award committee for The Athens Prize for Literature. 

Stephanos Stephanides (Cyprus / UK) He was born in Trikomo.  He is a poet, essayist, translator, cultural critic and documentary film maker, and Professor of English and Comparative Literature. He is fluent in English, Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese.  Selections of his poetry have been published in more than twelve languages, and he has held residential writing and research fellowships in the UK, US, Italy, India, and Greece.  He has served as a judge for the Commonwealth Writers Prize in 2000 and 2010.  

Mona Savvidou Theodoulou (Cyprus) Born in Limassol in 1949, she studied Philology in Athens. She worked as a teacher, Assistant Headteacher and Coordinating Headteacher of Secondary Schools for Limassol.  She has published several books of poetry and prose, plays, critical reviews and seven anthologies of poetry.  She received the State Prize for Poetry and other awards and distinctions for her poems and short stories.  Poems by Theodoulou have been translated into eleven languages. She is the Secretary of the Cyprus PEN Centre and President of the Asia Minor Refugees Association                           

Jarkko Tontti (Finland) Writer, poet and lawyer. He is the president of the Finnish PEN. He studied law, philosophy and literature at the universities of Helsinki, Edinburgh, Berlin and Brussels. He has published collections of poems, novels, youth novels and essays. His first poetry collection, Vuosikirja (Book of Years, 2006) won the Finnish Kalevi Jäntti literature prize for young authors. He is also known as a human rights activist and columnist. His poems have been translated into English, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Estonian, German, Slovenian, Polish and Portuguese.

Eleni Xenou (Cyprus) She is a journalist and a writer. Currently she writes for the Greek site and Kathimerini daily. In 2012 she published her first book, a collection of short stories, in which she describes her personal journey not with the intention of presenting an autobiographical narrative but rather to talk about a path illuminated by the human need to discover both the world and oneself. She also maintains her own site, carrying on her adventure in discovering the different realities of people.

Neşe Yaşın (Cyprus) Born in 1959, she is a well known poet, read on both sides of the divided island. She studied Sociology. Between 1992-2007, she directed and presented the literary program “41st Room” at CyBC radio, carrying on with “Peace Garden” for radio ASTRA (2001-2003). She currently teaches language and literature at the Turkish Studies department of the University of Cyprus, whilst writing weekly columns for the dailies BirGün (Turkey) and Yenidüzen (Cyprus). She has published six volumes of poetry and one novel. Her poetry has been translated into 20 languages. Among other distinctions, she has received the Anthias-Pierides Award in 1998.

Chrysa Spyropoulou (Greece), Workshop in Greek
Ruxandra Cesereanu (Rumania), Workshop in English

Stephanos Stephanides (Cyprus / UK), chair of the Round Table Discussion

Lisa Suhair Majaj (USA / Palestine), coordinator Meet the Writer Session A
Gur Genc (Cyprus), coordinator Meet the Writer Session B

Elli Peonidou (Cyprus), reading to small children

Ruth Keshesian, curator Artists Books Exhibition

Demie Englezou, Chair International Motion Festival, selected (motion graphics) works from the 2013 IMF Festival, organised by the European University of Cyprus