Past Events

CROWD Creative Europe

CROWD (CReating Other Ways of Dissemination) is a joint-venture project of literary activists from Finland, Cyprus, Austria and Germany that provides ideas, stimulus and inspiration and that also aims to support European writers and literary activists to operate transnationally and internationally.

CROWD enables the European audience to keep up with current developments in contemporary European literature and the dissemination of literature in real time by using digital technology. The idea is to offer up-to-date access to the diversity of literary products in the whole of Europe and work towards building contacts and exchanges among the many small, separate reading markets in Europe. What CROWD means by the term ‘literary activist‘ is all the event organisers and promoters, writers, publishers and translators who work in the knowledge that literary products and their presentation can only reach a larger audience (younger people, readers in rural areas) if they are regarded as communication offerings.

We want to enable new routes for contemporary literature  with which to promote the mobility of the cultural and creative players of Europe. We want to wake Europe up from its deep slumber to set free cultural resources and via personal encounters and digital interaction engage European audiences to participate actively. The joint-venture project CROWD is intended to offer European literary activists specific practical assistance in the transnational circulation of literary texts and translations via new ways of presenting, disseminating and distributing literature.

CROWD sub-projects (2014-2016)

Lettrétage e.V (Germany) – coordinators
Ideogramma (Cyprus) - coorganisers
Forum Stadtpark (Austria)  - coorganisers
Nuoren Voiman  Liitto (Finland) -  coorganisers